About us

The Gruppo Tarulli OP was formed in 2007 following the merger of several companies and thanks to both quantitative and qualitative growth of production, thus giving the legal form of an OP to an existing reality: an organization of producers!

Dr. Tarulli converted his company to biological agriculture, taking advantage of his generational experience in the traditional agricultural field.

Organic Agriculture excludes the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals and instead uses composted organic material, natural minerals for fertilization and defence.

The Group produces and markets organic TABLE GRAPES, whose different varieties can be distinguished by colour, taste, harvesting periods, presence or absence of seeds. A continuous supply of FRESH GRAPES for 5 consecutive months is guaranteed. Among the SEEDLESS GRAPES there are many new entries, following the signing of contracts with various international breeders.

The Group has a very modern goods processing facility in Noicattaro – Bari, (located in an area famous for table grapes) where all the health and hygiene standards are fulfilled in accordance with the last EU. Reg. The modern refrigeration cells keep the goods fresh while preserving their quality.


The Gruppo Tarulli OP does not sell grape seeds and plants.