Oltrebio project

Oltrebio project

Oltre Bio

FRUIT AND VEGETABLES TARULLI GROUP S.c.a.r.l.joins the Oltre.bio project

It is an ambitious project that aims to adopt innovative tools within a sector that has always focused on protecting the environment and health. Aware of the positive contribution that new technologies can give to organic agriculture, Oltre.bio wants to be the meeting point between the agricultural world, administrations and research. Starting from the analysis of two crops (table grapes and cherries) strongly present in the Puglia region, the project will aim to improve their biological management through an ecosystem approach that involves integral management of the soil, water resources and living resources. Precisely because table grapes and cherries are significantly affected by agronomic and post-harvest techniques, it becomes essential to continue a very clear path. The development of the leaf area must be adjusted, for example, to support growth and maturation without vegetative imbalances. The soil must be maintained and improved according to the root phytostimulation functions in order to guarantee adequate use of nutrients by the crops.

The management of water resources must be controlled through an approach based on Water Use Efficiency and monitoring through weather stations, innovative sensors and “plant-based” physiological indicators.

Finally, post-harvest operations: using specific treatments with substances and/or methods recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) will increase the shelf-life of organic grapes and cherries and will help to reach increasingly distant markets. The protagonists of this project will be agricultural companies to which a holistic vision of the plant-soil-environment system will be transferred. The objective is to prevent possible biotic and abiotic adversities, improve the quality of the fresh product and increase the shelf life of the finished product.
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