Tarulli OP Group offers countless packaging possibilities to meet all customer needs and demands.

The work of Tarulli OP group does not only focus on quality & production, but goes forth with the development of packaging solutions.

To preserve maximum freshness and taste of the grapes during transport, Tarulli OP Group provides all the latest solutions for:

  • Packaging (cardboard and wooden boxes, steco/ ifco reusable boxes etc.)
  • Eco-plastic and cardboard baskets with or without lid
  • Flow packs
  • Ecoplastic envelopes
  • Labels and barcodes

Packaging type

da 150 g.

da 200 g.

da 250 g.

da 400 g.

da 500 g.

da 500 g. flow pack

da 700 g.

da 750 g.

da 1 Kg.

da 1,5 Kg.


da 500 g.

5/6 kg per il cartone