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Biological grapes

Biological Agriculture excludes the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic chemical products and uses instead composted organic material, natural minerals for fertilization and defense. Browse our categories of white, red and black table grapes.


  • Gruppo Tarulli and the BIODYNAMIC agriculture

    A deep bond with nature and the complete understanding of its cycles is what brought us to the practice of BIODYNAMIC agriculture: ancient-style land cultivation following cosmic and lunar cycles.

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  • New varieties: discover the new delicious seedless grapes!

    To make even more interesting our offer of seedless grapes, we have made various searches and chose for you new varieties without seeds, with different flavors and tastes that will astonish you at the first taste!

Recipes with table grapes

Some examples of recipes where there is as an ingredient the grape. Enjoy your meal!

Straccetti with turkey and grapes

20'' Easy

Tarts with gorgonzola and grapes

20'' Average

Milk pork loin with grapes and rosemary

1 Hour Average

Salad of fresh borlotti beans, green beans and grapes

30'' Easy

Strawberry-grapes risotto with pistachios and primo sale cheese

1 Hour Easy

Tagliatelle with grapes and sausage

30'' Average